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 Munchkin Kittens

Three litters of long-haired LaPerms:

Born March 15:  - Calico LaPerm female, shown below

Born May 26:  Black Laperm male & Black Tabby female, shown below

The kittens above are ready for their new homes!

Born June 15:  Black LaPerm male, & Black LaPerm female, shown below (blue male sibling shown is Sold)

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Kittens are ready for their new homes
typically once they are 12 weeks of age.


Born May 26:
Black Tabby LaPerm female

This little girl is ready 
for her new home. 

She's an active girl and she likes to play and then cuddle and be petted.


She is alert and inquisitive.


She is a long coated tabby. 
Her coat will grow as she matures. 



This little girl has a lot of confidence, and she definitely keeps up with her active brother!





Some very long hairs can be seen on her back.
She is transitioning from her kitten coat to a longer curlier adult coat. 

The curl is coming in on her chest first, and will continue to fill in during the coming months. 

Her kitten coat has been very full and stable.


Born May 26:
Black LaPerm male

This active little boy is ready 
for his new home. 

He has a sweet personality,
and loves to run and play.

His kitten coat is very soft and fine, with long outer hairs on his back.  The color is changing to grey. 

This has been typical of other black kittens from this father and mother.

Please see photos of Cosmo and Cake, taken by their new owners, shown at the Testimonials page. 

They are previous boys of this father and mother.  Their coats looked similar when they were the age of this kitten.




This boy is well behaved and doesn't get into things or push the limits, but he likes to chase and play with his sister and then snuggle and rest so he can play more later on!






Silas is the father, shown below:


 Silas and Phoebe are the parents of the two kittens above.  They previously have had two other black kittens in addition to Cake, and each has developed a grey interim coat, remaining apparent to 6 months old as their curly adult coats have come in. 

You can see a bit of this boy's long back hair standing up in this photo. 



Silas' and Phoebe's previous offspring, now named Cake, is shown below.  This was his adult coat coming in.



Born March 15:
Talitha - Calico LaPerm female
This petite girl is ready for her new home



Talitha is a sweet little girl with a very thick coat.  She has cute striped front legs and looks like shes's wearing leggings with little white socks on. 


She has lots of curls everywhere - curls upon curls!


Her coat has been extremely stable with no coat loss or thinning as a kitten.






Talitha's coat is still growing, and may get even longer.  She has long white hair on her tail!


Born June 15:
All black male and female
$1100 each

These kittens are the offspring of Silas.  They will be ready for their new homes at 12 weeks of age. 


His kitten coat has some white hairs throughout
just like other black offspring of Silas
when they were young.


This is the boy. 
He is playful and active.  He has a thinning kitten coat, and can be expected to have a long coat as he grows.








He plays well with all the other kitties.

This is the girl. 
She is playful and active too.  Her coat is long, with thinning of this temporary kitten coat beginning on her head and neck.  She can be expected to have a long coat also.


Silas' previous offspring, now named Sagan.


Born June 15:
Blue mitted LaPerm male

This kitten is the one LaPerm 
sibling of the black pair above.



This little boy is going to a new home soon.






He looks distinguished, doesn't he?



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