LaPerm Kittens - Ready Now

These kittens are ready for their new homes!

Born Oct. 19, 2019:  Black Tabby LaPerm male, shown below

Born Nov. 10, 2019:  Black LaPerm male, and Tuxedo LaPerm male, shown below

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Born Oct. 19, 2019:

Black Tabby LaPerm male

This kitten is neutered

This affectionate playful boy
is ready for her new home.

Loving, fun, curious, playful boy
with a full soft curly coat
and beautiful shades of silver,
grey, and black. 






Born Nov. 10, 2019:
Gentle Jacob

This kitten has been neutered.

This sweet boy is ready for his new home.

Mellow calm boy,
who likes to cuddle, 
and is very affectionate. 

This boy is a little bigger than most LaPerms.  He is like a gentle bear, and he has a tender, intimate personality. 
He is with several low key older cats,
and he seems to like that a lot.





This handsome boy is getting a lighter colored coat coming from within his coat.  Many of the black kittens get a beautiful charcoal colored coat as their coat matures, and develops its curl.  His coat will ultimately be all black by te time he's a year old. 




Born Nov. 10, 2019:

Tuxedo male

This kitten has been neutered.

This quiet gentle boy is ready for his new home.

Handsome boy with a curly white 
neck and upper chest. 
He still has a kitten coat,
which is beginning to transition
to an adult coat, with more 
curls continuing to come. 




This handsome boy's coat is
changing in color to charcoal.
It will become all black
when it reaches full length.

He is very easy going, and gets along with everyone. 





Silas, the father of the six kittens above, is shown below:
(Silas is also now shown on the Testimonials page)





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