LaPerm Kittens - Ready Now

These kittens are ready for their new homes!

Born June 25, 2019:  Black Polydactyl female, shown below

May 26, 2019:  Tabby LaPerm female, shown below

Born Oct. 19, 2019:  Black Tabby LaPerm male, shown below

Born Nov. 10, 2019:  Black LaPerm male, and Tuxedo LaPerm male, shown below

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Kittens are ready for their new homes
at a minimum of 12 weeks of age.


Born June 25, 2019:
Black Polydactyl Female
-short coated, spayed

This very unique girl 
is ready for her new home.

Gentle sweet girl,
quiet and well behaved. 





This pretty girl has always let her sister lead the way.  She's been a gentle fun playmate, quiet and low-key.


This girl has a short textured coat that is very stable and very low shedding. 




Born June 25 2019:
Blue Point Female
-short coated, spayed

As beautiful in temperament as she is in her gentle coloring and sky blue eyes.





Born May 26, 2019:
Tabby LaPerm female
Tabitha is spayed.

This little girl is ready 
for her new home. 

She's a petite girl,
with a medium to long
coat, that's thick
and very soft. 



Tabitha's coat has a really nice texture, 
it is soft, yet has a lot of body. 



Tabitha is well behaved, and well rounded. This little girl is a bit more vocal than many of the LaPerms.  She may greet you with a soft "hello". 

She is very loving and affecionate. 



Tabitha is very good natured, and she has a lot of poise and grace.



Born Oct. 19, 2019:

Black Tabby LaPerm 
female (sold) & male
$1100 each

This pair is ready for new homes.

Playful and gentle pair,
sweet and fun.

Female shown first - SOLD






Male shown below





Born Nov. 10, 2019:
All black Male

This sweet boy is ready for his new home.

Gentle calm boy,
who likes to cuddle, 
and is very affectionate. 






Below are three photos of this boy when he was younger, and you can see his longer kitten coat, indicative of how long his adult coat will be when he transitions to his curly coat, now in an interim stage before he gets his curls. 




Born Nov. 10, 2019:

Tuxedo male

This boy is ready for his new home.

Handsome boy with a curly white 
neck and upper chest. 
He still has a kitten coat,
which is beginning to transition 
and getting more curls. 




He is very easy going, and gets along with everyone. 



Silas, the father of all the kittens above, is shown below:
(Silas is also now shown on the Testimonials page)





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