Ready for her new home:

Ketura, 'still a kitten' 1 1/2 yr old
~ Shown below ~

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Born Nov. 18, 2018:


 Fun, playful, pixie-petite.
Spayed, declawed.

Ready to be a special treasure
in her new home


Ketura is a lovely, graceful, smart and playful girl.  She is beautiful in every way, and she is very affectionate.

She is slim and athletic, very leggy and agile.
She has always been small and fine-boned,
with a sweet tiny face that fits in your hand.

Her coat is short and very textured. 
Her coat does not have defined curl, and requires no maintenance at all.
She is very low to no shedding.

Ketura has been recently spayed, 
and she has had two litters.  She was an excellent, protective mother, so protective that she ran off all the other girls! 
Ketura would do well as an 'only cat', 
she does not necessarily pal around with 
other kitties. 

Ketura went to a new home with a local family when she was 3 months old. 
When the allergies of a family member caused difficulties, it became apparent that she could no longer stay in the home, so she became an 'office kitty' at the workplace.
I purchased her back for the amount paid,
because she had become so beautiful in personality, since becoming reserved as a baby, and I wanted to keep her.  Ketura had front paws declawed as a kitten.  As with all the kittens, she is to be indoor only. 



 Ketura is wearing a leash 
for the photos, because
some of the boys seem to
think she's quite the pretty one.
If a chase results, I want to be 
the one that gets the pretty girl!

Ketura will play with just about anything, paper wad, bottle cap, candy wrapper, pen, whatever catches her eye. 



She's curious and likes to play. 
She wants to engage and be near me. 
At night, she likes to sleep curled up close.

The photos below show my hand,
to show her small size.

.....still a kitten...

*As I am arranging these photos, Ketura is chasing and playing with her 14 wk kitten, who goes to his new home tomorrow. 

And she is giving him quite the run around!




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