Adult Cat

Kittens:  Three long-haired female LaPerms:

Born May 26:  Black Tabby LaPerm female, shown below

Born June 15:  Black LaPerm female, shown below

Born June 21:  Color Point LaPerm female, shown below

These kittens are ready for their new homes!

If you are seeking a baby male kitten, there are three, all born recently.
They will be ready for new homes early next year. (They are not shown until older)

2- black tabby
1- black with white socks / chest

*There are 2 Munchkin kittens for new homes early next year - Click here for new page*

One female:  Diluted tortie with white
One male:  Red with white


Kittens are ready for their new homes
at a minimum of 12 weeks of age.


Adult LaPerm:  Silas is now neutered and available for a new home - shown at end of page.


Born May 26, 2019:
Black Tabby LaPerm female

This little girl is ready 
for her new home. 

She's an active girl and she likes to play and then cuddle and be petted.


She is alert and inquisitive.


Tabitha's coat has a really nice texture, 
it is soft, yet has a lot of body. 
It feels thick and extremely stable.


Tabitha has a lot of confidence, and she is well mannered.

She is quiet, well behaved, and well rounded. 

And she is very loving and affecionate. 


She is a long coated tabby. 
Her coat will grow as she matures. 


This little boy was born to the same parents as Tabitha. 
The photo on the right is the same boy at about 6 months old, taken by his owners.


Born June 15, 2019:
All black female

This little girl is spayed. 
She is ready for her new home.

Danielle has a tender side, and currently she is doing well in a calm environment with gentle adults and much younger kittens.

This little girl is a good fit for a low-key, 
calm home, as the only kitty in the household,
or with a gentle, non-challenging adult cat.


In a competitive environment,
Danielle comes out
almost overly active.

It's not her true nature.





Danielle's coat is growing longer as her adult coat fills in.  She has been quite a bit behind her brother in transitioning  from the kitten coat to a curly adult coat. 

It's not uncommon for a girl to advance more slowly than a male kitten would. 



Danielle's new coat 
will transition to black in time.









Silas is the father, shown below:



Silas' previous offspring, now named Sagan.



Born June 5, 2019:

Tortie female

Prisca is ready for her new home.



Prisca is a petite, fine boned LaPerm.  She has a shorter tortoise shell coat.  She is 
light and agile, ahd she is 
much like my original LaPerm,
who is her mother's mother.



She is very feminine, 
and quite beautiful in 
every way.



Prisca is sweet and affectionate.  
She is also very sensitive and tender
in nature.  All of the kittens in this 
litter have been very beautiful this way.





Prisca is gently playful, too. 
She is quick, due to her light
agility, and she's attracted to 
the typical things: pens, bottle tops, wadded paper, etc.



Prisca's coat is a little more textured,
and not as soft as some, it has 
been very stable, like all the 
shorter coated LaPerms. 


Born June 21, 2019:

Tortie-Point female

Naomi is ready for her new home.



This pretty girl is extremely affectionate.  She purrs constantly when I'm present with her.  She climbs up to seek my face and wants to nuzzle me.  She is very sweet to me, and seeks my attention.



I also don't think she's a good choice for a very active household, as it may be over-stimulating for her.


As sweet as little Naomi is to me, she can be bold and even rough with other kitties.  She was even this way with her brother, and I think her best home is a one cat household. 



Naomi's coat is soft in texture,
and it is not thin, it's relatively thick. Her coat seems to me like it will be quite stable. 

It can be expected that Naomi's coat 
will continue to grow, and it will get at least a little bit longer.


Silas is now neutered and available for a new home.

Born Aug 6, 2017:

Black short-coated male
2+ yrs old

Silas is neutered.


Silas is a very sweet LaPerm boy. I kept him as a kitten, because he was the gentlest, most affectionate boy in his litter.  He is very loving, very calm and stable, very affectionate. Silas is obedient  and good natured. He has been a great influence on my other kitties. 



Silas has been very affectionate with the other kitties, including neutered males.




Silas is short haired with a stable textured coat.

He is practically non-shedding.


Silas is slightly vocal, and he likes to tap me on the shoulder, or paw my leg - he likes to connect. 

Silas is lanky and leggy when standing or seated erect. 

He looks far smaller when curled up next to you.

That is how most LaPerms are,
due to their light boning.




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