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 Munchkin Kittens

Three litters of long-haired LaPerms:

Born May 26:  Black Laperm male & Black Tabby female, shown below

Born June 5:  Red LaPerm male, Tortie LaPerm female (possibly available), shown below

Born June 15:  Blue, mitted LaPerm male, Black LaPerm male, & Black LaPerm female, (blue male, shown below)

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Kittens are ready for their new homes
typically once they are 12 weeks of age.


Born May 26:
Black Tabby LaPerm female


She is alert and inquisitive.



This little girl is a fluffy tabby,
long coated. 







Her kitten coat has been very full and stable.


This little girl has a very pretty face!


These two gently play together.









They will be ready for their new homes around Aug. 20.


Silas is the father, shown below:

Both kittens have strands of white 
throughout their kitten coats. 


Born May 26:
Black LaPerm male




The little boy seems to have a
very gentle personality,
just like the boys of
previous litters
from this set of parents.



The boy is all black,
long coated. 




Born June 5:
Red LaPerm male


This gentle boy has a tender personality.


This little boy has velvety soft
skin, and a gentle delicate kitten coat.  His fine boning, soft loose skin, and large ears, 
are classic LaPerm baby features.






An older boy, offspring of this kitten's mother, but a different father, jumped on board to join the baby.

          "That's my momma and daddy below!
My momma is very petite and pretty,
and my daddy is athletic and very fluffy,
- and very handsome!"



This little girl may stay and not go to a new home.
She looks much like my beloved Nicolette, 
her grandma.

She grabs onto my sock 
and goes for a ride on my foot.
My foot must be attached to my heart...


Nicolette is a sweet sensitive girl,
and this little baby girl may be much the same.


Born June 15:
Blue mitted LaPerm male

Also available, not shown:
2 Siblings - 
All black male and female
$1100 each


He is still a baby in these photos.

This little boy has a thick coat,
with lots of curls everywhere. 

He has white on his neck and 
belly, in addition to his feet. 







He looks distinguished, doesn't he?

He'll have a long coat - like his mother.  Silas, on the right, is his father.



Silas' previous offspring, now named Cake.


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