LaPerm Kitties in their new homes!


Went to his new home in St. Petersburg, FL in Oct., 2017

"Zeke is really the sweetest cat, I honestly could not imagine a sweeter cat.  He brings me so much joy that anybody would be blessed to have a cat like him in their life."  --Tina A., St. Petersburg, FL
Went to his new home in Oak Harbor, WA in Dec., 2018

"Baxter has been the most wonderful addition to our family. When we talked to Alea about what we wanted in a kitten she told us that she has found that they will grow to suite their owners personality, and that couldn't be more true with Baxter! We wanted a cuddly, friendly, adventurous cat and that is exactly who Baxter is. He loves people and greets all of our friends and family with cuddles and purrs. He loves exploring new things and he'll happily wear a harness to go outside and play or even jump in the bath for fun! Every morning he wants nothing but love and every night he crawls into bed with us. We couldn't imagine a life without him.  He is our best bud, our Baxter." --Samantha & Adrian, owners of Baxter

Went to his new home in Oakland, CA in Feb., 2019

"He’s doing great and I love him so much! He’s such a curious sweetheart, and we spend a lot of time together when I get home from work.  --Julia W., Oakland, CA
Munchkin kitten who went to his new home in Vancouver, WA in Mar., 2019

"Opie's such a little love bug!! I’m having so much fun with him ... he loves cuddling he sleeps on my chest or snuggled into my armpit every night ...he’s very playful, still loves to play fetch! Here lately he’s been fetching with his bows they are still a little big on him... he follows me everywhere, sometimes while I shower I keep him in my bedroom so he doesn’t climb the tub and get into mischief while I’m in the shower room ... he cries and sends me presents under the door it’s the cutest thing... it’s typically his sticks or bows ... I hope you and your lovelies are doing well!"  --Christie R., Vancouver, WA

Went to his new home in San Francisco, CA in Mar., 2019

"Before I dive into how much we love our kitten Cake, what everyone should know about is how amazing and incredible Alea is.

My girlfriend and I both live in San Francisco and Alea in Seattle. Because of the distance, Alea and I communicated primarily through email. What made this extra difficult for me is the most obvious question: how can I trust a person I've never met before. The internet is abound with people who have been scammed and taken advantage of. I'm no one special who can avoid being had.

Alea proved with each message and how Cake would travel to us via United Airlines and what the entire process would look like. She continually went above and beyond selflessly with weird roadblocks from the airline and made sure that Cake made it safely to us.

Terrified and shivering, Cake arrived to us cuter than anything I had ever seen. Love was instant. After a few days, Cake began to dote on us and was comfortable enough to play as well. He falls asleep on our lap, climbs up on our shoulders, and runs around the apartment like a predator after his prey. Two things I did not expect Cake to do is play fetch and actually come to me when I call his name -- Cake.

One of the most heartwarming moments I had was after a week long vacation, I came home at midnight with my girlfriend asleep. Cake jumped out of bed, stretched out his little paws, and ran into my arms. It was beautiful.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, Alea. We would not be able to have such a wonderful cat in our life if it weren't for you."  --Weston E., San Francisco, CA

Went to his new home in Sacramento, CA in July, 2019


Went to her new home in Churchville, NY in Aug., 2019

"This is Pearl hanging out with my 3 yr old before her first day of preschool. She sat there with her for 20 mins! Lol!
She is the absolute best kitty ever! We are so in love! She is more than we could have ever wished for.
Social, playful, so affectionate, beautiful, AND she literally does not shed!"  --Andrea W., Churchville, NY
Went to his new home in Duluth, MN in Oct., 2019

"Simon Nathaniel has become quite a character! He is loving and sweet with me and a playful tiger with Tim. 
He responds to our personalities. I like to cuddle. Tim likes to play. 
He loves water and takes showers with us (photo on right is after shower). His favorite bed is the bathroom sink. 
He plays fetch. He goes after a toy, brings it back, drops it and gets ready for us to throw it again. 
He is super fun and keeps us busy! 
Thank you for our Blest By God kitty!"  --Tamy H., Deluth, MN 

Calliope (Simon's sister)
Went to her new home in Seattle, WA in Dec., 2019

"She is super sweet and funny. 
She even went on an overnight weekend with us to the mountains over MLK weekend and did great. 
She’s very curious about water.  She’ll sit in our sink, jump into our shower, 
and watch intently from my shoulders while I do dishes. 
She jumps on shoulders, backs…whatever surface she can get on to be on one of her humans. 
She has also started to play fetch with a couple of her toys…we throw it, she bats it around for a little, 
then picks it up in her mouth and brings it back to us."  --Erica D., Seattle, WA 
Greg ("Gweg" to his favorite 2 yr old)
Went to his new home in Castle Rock, CO in Dec., 2019

"The kitty is wonderful. He has gotten accustomed to the house and our routine and he’s always following someone around looking for a snuggle or to play. Sometimes he’ll just show up with a toy in his mouth letting us know he wants to chase his toy mouse like a puppy. He’s so funny.  He’s also really agile. Did you know he can take about 6 or so steps on his front paws alone before he puts his back feet down?  He does it on his own.  He has really taken to me. He loooves the girls too. I was concerned that he may shy away from the 2 year old since she is very high energy, but he plays with the girls all day long.

We just want to thank you again for our little blessing. He has truly warmed our home and we’re so thankful to have him in our lives."  --Chris E., Castle Rock, CO

Milo - Previously Silas, father of many of the kittens above
Went to his new home in Bremerton, WA in Dec., 2019
Silas went to his new home, with a family of 6,
on Christmas Eve, at 2 1/2 years old.

 "Our boy is doing so good. He rules the roost and everyone loves him.  He loves this window upstairs near where Wendell works.  And yesterday he discovered bird watching." --Heidi and Wendell D., Bremerton, WA
Went to her new home in Kirkland, WA in Jan., 2020


"It's been a few months now since we've adopted Prisca, now Cinnamon. She has grown so much and now weighs almost 6 lbs. Her hair has become more curly in certain areas too. She has brought such joy to all of our lives. Ken absolutely loves her and spoils her as much as I do. He's even building her a huge enclosure so she can enjoy being outside. She and the dog now get along well. She sometimes sleeps with the dog and even starts a skirmish with her. Lol We've also taught Cinnamon to walk on a leash. She picked it up quite quickly. We only walk her in the backyard which is fenced in. She stills plays fetch and enjoys sleeping under the blankets with me. We found out that she likes to eat Honey dew melon and cantaloupe."  ---Amy S., Kirkland, WA
Guillermo and Lazlo
Went to their new home in Seattle, WA in Apr. & May, 2020


Munchkin kitten who went to her new home in Centralia, WA in Oct., 2020

"Betty is doing great. She is a true joy. I don't think I have ever had a kitten this affectionate. She has the best personality. We just love her."  Avery & Stephanie M., Centralia, WA

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