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~ Breeding curly cats ~

From D.L., Surprise, AZ
Owner of Asher who joined her at 6 months old:
"Asher has been the Blessing I knew he would be for me and my daughter. I thank God for you and him. He's added a warmth to our home that was very much needed. He greets me at the backdoor when I come home at night which I love! He's playful with Jaylyn and likes to follow us around the different rooms to be close to us. :)  I'll send you some photos. I hope this finds you well and I'm forever grateful you breed these amazing LaPerm kitties!"


Nearly 20 years ago, I discovered the LaPerm breed of cat
for myself.  Upon losing my first LaPerm, I looked for another
5 years ago, and found that they were difficult 
to nearly impossible to come by. 

I located my girl, Nicolette, in Oregon. 
She was a few years old, and never the less, 
bonded with me instantly. 

I have thanked the Lord for her many times over,
recognizing that she is so special,
- she has a gentle personality just right for me.

LaPerm cats are a treasure of a pet,
and I decided to breed her, 
never wanting to be without
a LaPerm.

The first litter was one kitten 
- I didn't even know there was a baby on the way!
What a gift!  I gave so much thanks 
to God for that little guy.
His new owners were overjoyed with him
"He is exactly like you said he was!"
What a joy to offer LaPerms to others!

As more kittens were born, I
gave thanks for them and prayed over them,
and Blest By God Cattery began.


I like to wear dark colors, and with a LaPerm as a pet,
there's no need for a lint-roller. 


Nicolette loves her babies, and she won't deliver until I am there with her too.
Her first baby was an only-child, and she waited until I came home late to birth him.
(She was so frantic she was trying to pick up Gideon like a kitten!)


This is the second litter of Gideon and Nicolette, a litter of 3 boys.
These photos were not posed, 
this is how I found them hanging out on this particular day.
The 3 boys have always clung together since birth.


These boys are practically non-shedding, even though their coats are straight.
Their coats are thick and velvety soft like a pelt.
They are quiet gentlemen.

I only get two TV stations, and we watch the Christian one.
Some of us like to sit up close!

Zacchaeus with his little sister.

Their coats are 'scrunchy'.

I don't watch much TV, so it's apparently pretty exciting when it's on.

"I just love this pastor!"

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~ Raised in a quiet home, indoor only ~

 "Golly Mom, you already got behind my ears!"




"Who needs cat-toys when I've got a little sister!"

"She's cuddly too!"


~ All the kittens are blessed and prayed over, from the day they are born ~

Lazarus is always alert to what's going on, and who's doing what.

Lazarus was lanky and a little exotic looking when he was little.

Zacchaeus was fuzzy, but you can see the tell-tale curl in his whiskers.  As he grew, his coat became curly and thick. 

"My little sister is fun to play with - and she makes a good pillow too!"

~ A family cluster of 8 cats ~

Every night's a slumber party!


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Thanks for viewing my kitties!  ---Alea