One adult Skookum available, shown below.

Skookums have a curly coat like a LaPerm, and they are very low, almost non, shedding.

There are no Munchkin kittens available at this time, but...

I have 2 pregnant females, both offering probability of short-legged kittens.

Most Munchkins / Skookums will need to be received in Seattle, and not shipped.

Typically, I do not ship Munchkin kittens at 12 weeks, when they are ready for their new home.
They are too small and tender still when 3 months old, for all that's involved in shipping a kitten.

Kittens are ready for new homes at a minimum of 12 weeks of age.


Born March 27, 2017:


 Quiet, gentle, Skookum.
Spayed, declawed.

She has a short curled / textured coat, and short legs.


Marikan is a very soft-spoken 
and well behaved little girl. 
She is tender and loving 
with 0 bad attitude.

She is quite petite, weighing 6.5 lbs,
and she is easy to please,
low-key and gentle.

She will wait for your affection,
and is happy to simply be in your vicinity.

Her coat is short and softly textured. 
Her coat does not have defined curl, and requires no maintenance at all.
She is very low to no shedding.

Marikan has been recently spayed, 
and she has had several litters. 
She was an excellent, nurturing mother.
She would do well as an 'only cat', 
or with a male cat that's 
very gentle in nature. 




 Marikan has big beautiful eyes,
rimmed in black. 
When she was born, she was
tiny like a little bird, but 
she looked to have eye liner on,
even as a wee baby.





Marikan is only slightly playful. 
She does not get into things, 
and she is mild and calm 
in temperament. 

She is very easy to care for, 
and has few needs.





Photos of a few of my own Skookums, below.













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