There are no available Munchkin kittens at this time.

Munchkin / Skookum kittens: $1200 - $1550.

Policies for Munchkin kittens are noted below photos of the kitten.
If you have another cat, please read below.

~ Abram gets pretty excited over the little ones! ~

A day in the life of a Munchkin kitten...


 One day, little baby kitten set out to play with the stuffed mouse toy.



"There's the end of the tail, I see it!"


Abram snatched it, and now he's playing with it up above!


 "Now where did that mouse go?  It was just here a second ago..."

 "Where did the rest of the mouse go?" 



Most Munchkins / Skookums will need to be received in Seattle, and not shipped.

If you would like to be on the waiting list for Munchkin / Skookum kittens,
please email to me.  No deposit is required for awaiting a kitten.
Munchkin kittens occur maybe 1 or 2 in a litter.

If you email, please indicate where you are located, and if you have other pets.



Sweet Priscilla had her kittens

Little Priscilla had 5 kittens 
- the munchkins are spoken for. 




If you have another cat:  My kitties are very affectionate with each other,
however, I cannot recommend my kittens as companions to other breeds of cats.
I do not offer a health guarantee in such situations,
and the trouble will come down the line, going into adulthood.
It does not matter how young the new kitten is when the introduction is made.

I stongly recommend that my kittens go to homes without other cats,
or with a cat from Blest by God.

For further details, click here. This applies to Munchkins too.


Kittens are ready for new homes at a minimum of 12 weeks of age.


Photos of a few of my own Skookums, below.

Joseph, shown last, is the sire of most litters.
Joseph has an excellent temperment, and gets along with everyone.
He is a gentle prince, and the other kitties seem to love and admire him.













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