Two Munchkin Boys, born less than 2 weeks apart:

Born May 26:  Blond Munchkin boy, available as a pair with his long-legged twin brother

Born June 5:  Red Munchkin boy

Kittens are ready for their new homes
typically once they are 12 weeks of age.


Born May 26:
Pair of brothers, short & tall
$1400 for pair 
These two brothers, twins except
for the length of their legs, 
are available as a pair, only.
They are not available individually.


The munchkin brother is very short.



The brothers each have a short, dense, kitten coat.

They each have a white chest and underside, and white feet. 








The brothers have a shortie sister that's spoken for.
They love her a bunch!



This is the short brother,
he's very cute!


The brothers are alert and playful.








This is the tall brother,
he's very cute too!


The brothers will be ready for their new home around Aug. 20.

One of the household kitties jumped up to see these handsome boys. 


The young kitty on the left, was born to the same mother, and a different father, last fall.
His color is similar, although his coat is textured, and his face narrower, from his father.

The father of these brothers has a rounder face, round eyes,
and the best temperament of any cat that I've ever had.


Born June 5:
Light Red Munchkin male


He is not the adventurous one of the litter.


This little boy is very soft and tender right now.

He's a little baby.






This little boy may have a longer coat, it's too soon to tell.

          "That's my momma and daddy below!
My momma, Damaris, is very petite
and pretty, she's short like me,
and my daddy is very fluffy,
- and very handsome!"


Damaris' previous offspring, now named Opie.


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