1 Munchkin boy:

 *Please note, I do not ship the Munchkin kittens.
They are too small and tender still when 3 months old,
for all that's involved in shipping a kitten.

If you are able to fly to the Seattle area and escort the kitten home, you may inquire about purchasing.

I have no adult Munchkins available at this time.

I do ship LaPerm kittens, you may view available LaPerms by clicking the link below for 'Kittens'.
Kittens are ready for new homes at a minimum of 12 weeks of age.

Born Jan. 15, 2020:
Black with white diamond
Munchkin Boy


His coat does not appear as though it will be long,
however, it does not look super short, either.
He may just have a nice, medium length coat.




 This little boy has a white diamond on his neck 
and he's got a bit of white
below his belly.
These are the markings
of his grandfather,
who was a small,
but solid and strong
little Munchkin.
He weighed 7 lbs
as an adult, and
he was very handsome.

Grandfather Gideon
is shown at my site,
and he now lives 
in a new home,
and according to his 
owner, he is quite 'buff'
and perhaps a little spoiled.








Photos of a few of my Skookums, below.







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