~ Basic requirements of my Kitten Agreement ~

A $250 deposit is required to 'Hold' a kitten.

The kitten must be altered at the appropriate age, as the responsibility of the buyer, if sold as a 'pet'.

The kitten must be an indoor cat for life, not allowed to freely roam outside.

If ever, the buyer cannot maintain ownership of the cat,
the breeder retains “first right of refusal” to re-obtain ownership of the cat.

Most use PayPal to supply payment.  If this method is used such that fees are deducted from monies received,
the amount received less the fees is the amount considered as paid toward the kitten and associated costs.
Please choose how you pay, and how you use PayPal, with this in mind.

I retain the option to keep and not sell any kitten, even if reserved.  However, that is not my intention when I offer a kitten as available.
The conditions that might cause this to happen could include:  if the progress, growth, or anything else about the kitten seems abnormal,
and further observation, maybe in terms of months while the kitten matures, is warranted.
The kitten exhibits unexpected traits as it grows, that make the kitten desirable for me to keep for my household or breeding program.

Blest by God Cattery reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time.


If you already have a non-LaPerm existing cat - Please click here and read.

A little more about me and visits to my home:

I breed LaPerms and Siberian cats as a hobby.
I work to support myself and my hobby, and I live in a home unaccompanied, that I own and maintain.
I am self-employed, and I may have a heavy or light work schedule at any time.
Please bear these things in mind if you schedule a visit.

You may come to my home to receive your kitten, or to see a kitten that I have available, to potentially place a deposit on the kitten.
I have a portion of my home set aside for this purpose, it is an area where my cats don't reside.
When I show cats in this area, it is more comfortable for them than it would be to experience a stranger in their personal space.
However, they are not accustomed to this part of my home, and they may not be at complete ease.
Cats like to have a safe place, a place that they are confidently comfortable in.

Likewise for me, because my house is my home and my personal spaces are also home to my cats,
it is prudent for me to consider my own personal safety, and the safety and comfort of my cats.
My cats are both breeding cats and my personal pets.  I care about their emotions and sense of safety.
They may be pregnant, or nursing and protective of kittens, they may be in a mating state, etc.
Therefore, I have set aside a particular place in my home that can safely be shared with outside people.
The remainder of my home is not open to people that I do not personally know.

Raising, caring for, training, and safe-guarding cats is not a business for me,
it is an interesting and creative way that God is molding and shaping me at this time.
There are aspects akin to a servant position, yet I can carve out time to worship and study and work.
I am constantly adjusting to changes in my household, living with little lives affected by their feelings and hormones.
Sometimes daily, I make adjustments in which cats / kittens are together or what they have access to.
Kittens change daily, their needs and abilities change.  Keeping my home private allows me the freedom to readily adjust.
My home is my safe respite, with cats enjoying it as well.

My cats are raised in great peace, quiet, and safety.  There is no strife, and there is love and attention.
If you purchase one of my kittens, I hope that you will experience and appreciate the benefit of this.


If you have cat allergies and are considering a LaPerm - Please click here and read.


If you are seeking a kitten / cat for breeding purposes, please discuss that with me.

Such a request is not out of the question, but it must be discussed,
and if agreeable, the provision will be clearly noted in the Kitten Agreement.

Shipping a kitten within the U.S.:
I can ship a kitten within the continental U.S. The cost varies, and depends on the airline. Most recently, the total cost was approximately $350 including the necessary health certificate, and approved carrier, plus airfare. Routes, travel durations, and fares differ with the airlines. Several new owners have flown to Seattle to receive their kitten. I am happy to bring the kitten to the airport, to meet his new owner, or to travel to his new home, but the new owner is responsible for associated costs.

If you opt to have me ship your kitten, full payment for kitten and shipment must be received by me, at least 24 hours in advance of when I must have the kitten at the airport for your desired flight.  Charges incurred in advance of the flight, such as the cost of the health certificate, must be paid for within 24 hours of my expenditure for the given necessity / requirement, and that cost, once spent on your behalf, is non-refundable.  The kennel may come from stock I keep on hand, or may be newly purchased.  Requirements for kennels vary by airline, including dimensions, weight, ventilation, attachment methods.

Please Note:  If arrangements have been made to ship your kitten, and I have obtained the necessary certification and kennel, and the balance for the kitten and all related costs has not been received by me at least 24 hours in advance of when the kitten must be delivered to the airport, then without a valid reason for the lack of my receipt of this balance, and acceptable communication such that I am assured that the new owner or owner's agent will be at the destination airport to receive the kitten, then the Kitten Agreement will be void and canceled, and the non-refundable initial deposit, and any monies supplied to reimburse incurred costs for shipping requirements, will be retained, and any excess over those amounts will be refunded.

It you desire to have a kitten shipped, I encourage you to contact the airlines yourself to learn the fares, the requirements, the scheduling of flights, etc.


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