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~ My first LaPerm - I was hooked! ~

The following is a little about my first LaPerm in the early 2000's.
I found that everything I had read about them proved true, and oh so much more!
To follow are a few tidbits about my first LaPerm,
and you'll see why I was hooked.

They are the best!


My first LaPerm loved to be doing 
what we did.


She loved to be in the office with me,
or on the road with my husband...

She was patient in traffic and at home at the hardware store.
She was a regular at Home Depot, 
and would look down at the dogs, while riding high on my husband's arm. 


When she heard the keys jingle, 
she sat by the front door waiting for her harness to be put on.


"Are you going to tell about the day I drove the truck myself?"

Our little traveler stepped down onto the gear shift, putting the idling truck into reverse,
and backed it into the house!
My husband came out to find her looking out the passenger window
to see what she'd hit!
("Now who put that house there!?!")


This little girl molted in the summer-time.

We bought her a couple sweaters which she wore on cool days.

She kept some crazy long hair on her back, and her plume of a tail.

She stayed nice and cool on a hot day!

~ LaPerms - they adore you and want to be right there with you ~

She loved to file papers, 
....or take a nap in them.
 - and answer the phone,
....or take a nap on it.

Other drivers were constantly rolling down their windows
to tell us how 'real' the cat on our dashboard looked!

And she loved pizza - the warm box, that is....
"Great, this one just arrived!!"

~ LaPerms are very adaptable ~

My first LaPerm, became ours at 6 months old.
She was the runt of the litter and picked on by her litter-mates,
such that she hid and was very shy.
The first morning with us, we set her on the sofa,
and she stuck her head down between the seat cushions
and stayed that way.
"Oh my....", we thought.

She became a little socialite, giving strangers a kiss,
walking around the paved path at the lake,
was photographed numerous times at the airport
while walking on her leash at the flight gate.
She flew to many states with us, including all the way to Florida.

She patiently went through several security pat-downs
to make sure she didn't have an explosive under her sweater,
she rode a horse, and went out on a boat,
and rode up onto Mount Rainier.

                                              ....she was the shy one...

~ What will your LaPerm do with you? ~

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Hope you've enjoyed hearing about my kitties!  ---Alea