Previous Litters

~ Cute kittens and doting parents ~

Nicolette's first litter was one.

She adored her baby.
The baby purred whenever he was with his parents. 

The baby never cried unless he couldn't get to his parents, and he only left them to follow at my heels.

~ 3 Cherub Boys ~

The second litter was 3 fuzzy boys.


As adults, the 3 boys behave the same.



Both parents are very nurturing.


The 3 boys are part of my family.

As kittens, their coats had a very fine texture - like knit fiber.

Now, their coats are silky soft and straight, and hardly shed.

As adults, just like when babies.



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~ 2 LaPerm boys & Little Mary ~

Lazarus and Zacchaeus have tussled and played
since they were babies.  Look at the mitts on those kitts!

When Lazarus was born, his wavy coat looked like crushed velvet.  He has always been leggy and graceful.

Zacchaeus clung to my pant legs when he was a baby, and was the brother most apt to put his little sister in a headlock.

Oh no... their audience of Momma left....




Zacchaeus will be at home in Florida.




Lazarus now lives in New Jersey.

Marikan - Little Mary


She was the runt... 

...tiny, like a little bird. 


She is sweet, gentle, quiet. 

Her brothers and the older kitties never picked on her - they loved on her. 




Marikan is part of the family.

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~ And then came 5! ~

Asher embraces his short-legged brother.




Asher & Benjamin
- when 1 month old

"just because I have a shorter reach, 
doesn't mean I can't pop my brother!"

    Little Asher


Asher now lives in Arizona.


Asher and Benji stayed very close 
- even as Asher grew taller. 
...And Benji didn't.

Damaris, Benji, and 'uncle' Perez watching birds.




Silas and his little sister, Atarah


Look at Benji over there! 
He's getting a better view of that bird! 
Damaris stands up to see better 
every once in awhile too. 

So there's Papa-cat on the left, and 3 generations of his off-spring!


Oh, but look at Momma-cat with her five 5 month old kittens!

After play-time, it's a bunch of tuckered out kittens on a Saturday in January....

That's Momma's head at the top!  She's buried in her babies!

Momma-cat is getting ready for her new litter
and she has brought in new babies
(baby seal, baby bear, and baby blue cat)
to add to her now 7 month old 'babies'. 

Benji lets his momma 'baby' him 
with the 'new babies'.

Nicolette had one kitten 2 weeks later. 

A week before she had her kitten, 
I found her as shown, 
with a 'new kitten'.


Apparently one kitten wasn't enough,
This is Day 3 for baby kitty.


A few minutes later, I walked by and 
she was nursing it. 


Tiny baby kitty has a big pink brother!

Three tortie girls!

Everyone wants to be with Momma,
and be happy about the new baby!


This little family has two boys and a girl.



Benji helped with the birthing, and cleaning the newborns.  He loved and nurtured his little ones instantly. 

On this day, the babies are not quite 2 weeks old, and 'grandmother' is helping too.  This is her daughter's first litter!


Papa cleans the babies....




...then Mom takes over.



Benji's daughter gives him a kiss... 


...and then a hug, 
to make sure she's his favorite!



"Don't worry little brother, I've got your back"

(Matthew lives near Seattle, and Samuel is here)

Twin Boys:  Luke and his brother 
are long-haired LaPerms.





The twins both live
in California. 


Their coats were stable as kittens, without balding. 


Luke's kitten coat is fine and soft. 


These photos are at about 4 months of age.




Look for more kittens with 
longer coats in the future.







LaPerms at rest.....


Two sets of siblings and Grandma. 


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